Friday, October 2, 2009

Unfamiliar territory

So I joined a gym finally. My cousin owns it so he walked me through some weight machines for strength training to make sure I knew how to work them. I don't know that I would have gone in a regular gym anytime soon had I not known someone. I am supposed to be going at least 3 times a week. Doing the different strength training excercises and then cardio for at least 20 minutes. I find that when I go I feel so out of place. I feel like everyone is staring at me so I have a hard time doing the machines so I stick to the cardio area. I know I need to work my muscles in my arms, back and belly. I have got to figure out a way to overcome this because I am only hurting myself. I wish I could go early morning when there is no one there but sigh I must make a living. I have done the treadmill and increase my speed each time I go in and am amazed that I can walk for 20 minutes and then step foot on another machine. Sometimes I forget that I used to not be able to even do dishes without hunching over the sink. I tried the eliptical and found it to be fun. Fun? Did I actually say that? Although I can't do it for very long yet. I have done the bicycle also. I find that if I can get past the initial burn in my legs and feet instead of quitting that it eases up and doesn't hurt as bad, it becomes tolerable. So right now, I am fiddling with the machines for about 10 minutes and find that I venture to the cardio area. I generally do about 35-45 minutes on the different cardio machines depending on how far I push myself. My goal is to do a little more each time so I can get to the point of a good 2 hour work out.

I am finding that I can definitely eat more than when I first had surgery. My stomach is a finicky thing though. Like for example, when my monthly friend came along this past month that whole week, no matter what I ate, chicken or slider foods I could eat a lot more than normal and I seemed to want more. For breakfast that whole week, I was eating 1 whole scrambled egg with cheese and about 3 strips of bacon. Yesterday I got the usual egg and 3 bacon strips and could barely finish the egg and ate a piece of bacon and started on the second piece and knew if I took another bite I was going to be sick. Weird huh? This whole past week I have been craving carbs so I had a 3 oz bowl of mac and cheese and at it all...yesterday I thought I got tuna for lunch but it turned out to be tuna and pasta...anyways, took 2 bites of the pasta and was full. Within a minute I had the foamies, saliva filling my mouth, I went to the bathroom thinking I was going to be sick but it passed. I tell ya, you never know how your new stomach will take the food you are giving it. I am glad to know that part of the amount of food I was able to eat was just a passing thing though. I was beginning to worry a little.