Thursday, June 3, 2010

Roller coasters and low blood pressure

Kings Dominion was fantastic!!!!! Even though there were a couple of rides I wouldn't try out of fat fear, for the most part I rode what I wanted and walked all day with no pain. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and outlasted most of the teenage girls I was with. I am grateful for that. I didn't realize how much I missed living until I soaked up the day on the drive home.

Here is a post I put out on OH about low blood pressure, been having some issues with it and wanted to post reasons, remedies on here so I won't lose it.

I have seen this come up over and over on this forum and I have just started experiencing this almost 18 months post op. I have had low blood pressure (90/70 range) since surgery but none of the side effects like dizziness and so forth. I have been doing some research and have found some of the more common reasons this happens to us.

Dehydration - this is a big one, anything less than 64 oz a day is not enough

Low iron levels or anemia - get your labs done

Low electrolytes - A G2 or powerade zero will fix this one

Lack of B12 - any of the B vitamins really

There was also low oxygen and thyroid problems, along with a lot of more serious reasons for low blood pressure but the above pretty much explain why after weight loss surgery, this happens.

For me, I thought, hey beats high blood pressure but this is not true...low blood pressure can still cause heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

So along with fixing the above vitamin and water issues, here are some home remedies and recommendations I came across that might be helpful.

If the water and vitamin issues are not in check, avoid vigorous excercise as it can cause black outs

Breathing excercises and low impact excercise like swimming and biking are good for getting the blood pumping nicely

Fresh fruit, increased protein with fluids, vitamin c and vitamin b

Raw beetroot juice and epsom salt baths

The dizziness, halos around the eyes, tired are just too much for me and I don't like not feeling in control so I am going to work on this for sure.