Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So I kicked up the liquid intake to try to offset this dehydration thing. Still trying to figure out my labs. Looks like I am low on ferritin even though my other iron levels look good, Vit D (on my second round of 50,000 units a week) getting ready to add D3 as I understand this is better than just plain ole D.
So even with the increase in liquid, staying away from bad carbs and hitting the gym again, I am still stuck in the 250's. Up 5, down 5! What is the problem? So I decided to track everything that went in my mouth today. Well I see where the problem is!! My G2 and hazelnut creamer...Damn liquid calories! They have never phased my weight loss before but I think they are the culprit now. I said if I ever needed to adjust what I was doing, I will. Starting tomorrow I will drastically decrease my creamer in my coffee and totally give up my G2's for a bit. What? You didn't expect me to go cold turkey did you? I hate water but this is a must. I suspect to be able to report a huge loss next posting.

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Jil said...

Good luck...I hope it's the culprit and you find yourself on your way again to dwindling numbers...