Friday, April 3, 2009

First 50 lbs!

Went for my check up with my surgeon yesterday and I weighed 330lbs. That is 51 lbs down from my starting weight of 381. If I feel this good after just 50 lbs, I can not wait for the next 150 to come off. I can walk better, my legs aren't swollen and don't ache like they used to, I can breathe better, I don't get sleepy at my usual 2pm timeslot during the day, and I can wipe my rear without pulling a muscle!! I said at my last trip to Walmart before surgery that I would not ever use a scooter again and since surgery I have not had to use one. I need to get in a gym so I can try to start toning as I can feel my skin getting squishy. I just have not had time. My dad is still in the hospital and I have been running back and forth there in between work. I would not have been able to do that pre surgery, I would have fallen on my face from exhaustion and I am so thankful I can do for my mom and dad. I have not been making some of the best choices with all the running around but I am trying. I am eating more fish and trying to stay away from red meat as I am finding that doesn't agree with me too well unless it is ground hamburger. I cooked pot roast in the crockpot and it felt like it was stuck, I had to throw it up. I have not been able to do reheated meat, it seems too dry and I get that stuck feeling in my throat. I have all these recipes I have found that I want to try but haven't been to the grocery store in a month now other than essentials. My poor kids probably feel deprived. They told me last night that I needed to buy some new pants because mine was falling off and I was looking skinny. What a great feeling! I said I was going to do something to celebrate every 50 lbs, I think I am going to do a me day and go get a mani and pedi, haircut, eyebrows waxed and maybe a facial. Well I am off for now, got to run to the hospital...

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Anonymous said...'s a hip-hip-hooray for the next 50 as well...Jil