Friday, January 16, 2009

My new birthday

Wow! Surgery date is scheduled for Jan 22nd, just a week away! I have been so nervous and scared and excited all rolled into one. I went for my last consult appt with my surgeon on the 13th to go over last minute questions I had and what I needed to prepare for surgery(listed at the bottom of this post). The scales say I had lost 6 lbs doing the low carb and he was very pleased that I remained smoke free. Today is day 9 by the way :) I told him I was trusting him and he assured me everything was going to be fine. I went ahead and bought my chewable vitamins from the dr. office because it had everything I needed (multi, calcium, b12 and biotin) in one vitamin and it was only 26.00 for a month supply.
I went yesterday for my pre-op registration at Rex Hospital. It was pretty painless, went through the paperwork, insurance, did some bloodwork, talked to the anesthesiologist and got weighed. Their scale said I had only lost 4 lbs but I am going to stick with 6! Everyone was super nice. The registration lady said something to me that took me aback for a second but then I got it. I have been so nervous and questioning my decision and of course the what if I died on the operating table, right. Well the lady was asking her questions and asked my religion (denomination) I replied non- denominational, she kept typing , then she stopped looked at me and said "you know, there is a spirit of peace about you and that can only come from one place" (as she points up) and she goes back to typing.
I feel that was God's way of telling me it's ok, you made the right decision, I led you here and I am with you. I think it's all gonna be okay.

Questions for my surgeon and his answers
*Every surgeon has different views so answers vary from surgeon to surgeon

What kind of blood clot prevention does the hospital do? What can I do?
A: surgical hose, feet pumps and lots of walking
What kind of tubes will I have in me when I wake up? (catheter, ventilator, drain, ng tube)
A: possibly catheter and drain
What size bougie?
A: 34
Can I take my meds day of surgery?
A: yes
How long will I be in the hospital?
A: 1-2 days
What has to happen before I can go home?
A: Have to be able to walk, pee, drink and pass a leak test
How soon after I wake up can I have ice chips?
A: Once you pass the leak test that evening after surgery or the next morning
Is there anything that would make you switch from laproscopic to open surgery?
A: If he was unable to complete surgery due to unable to maneuver via lap
Is there anything that would make you switch surgery types?
A: Not without your consent
What kind of things should I be alarmed over enough to contact you after I get home?
A: High fever, severe pain, extreme nausea, unable to eat, drink, passing out, vomiting
Will you prescribe me pain meds, nausea meds and/or gas pain meds prior or when I am released?
A: Cross that bridge before your release
Do all my meds have to be liquid or chewable after surgery? How long before I can start taking pill form again?
A: For about a month or two
Pre-op diet?
A: Low carb 2 weeks prior, clear liquids day before surgery
Post-op diet?
A: Clear liquids, week one - Full liquids, week two - Pureed/mushies, week 3
What kind of protein do you recommend?
A: As long as it is between 50-75 a day, I don't care

Things I am buying to have at home after surgery

Calcium Citrate
B12 Sublingual
(Bought the Bariatric fusion chewable that has all vitamins plus biotin in it)
Chicken and beef broth
Small dishes/spoons
Liquid tylenol and anit nausea medicine
Gas X strips
Water bottles
Measuring cups
Food Scale
unflavored protein
Isopure protein punch
Magic Bullet (I am buying the Hamilton 18 piece set that compares to Magic Bullet at 25.00 less)
Carnation Instant Breakfast - sugar free
Atkins shakes
Sugar free popsicles and jello

Taking to hospital

2 sets of pj's and underwear
small fan
phone and charger
sugar free peppermints

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