Sunday, January 18, 2009

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

I have always said everything happens in 3's to me. If something slightly goes awry, 2 other things generally fall into place; usually within a week or two of each other. Even deaths in our family usually happen in 3's. Granted and thankfully it is not always 3 of our closest relatives, it might be a distant 5th cousin I have never met but you get my drift. So this weekend is supposed to be a relaxing weekend before surgery, I was going to get my house in order, go shopping, pack but this is how it has gone so far as I sit here Sunday morning exhausted and none of the above has gotten done.
It ALWAYS rains (whether it is a slight drizzle or a pour down) during my parade, Ok maybe not always but 99% of the time. I always say if it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any at all.. Friday was my birthday, things are going pretty good and after dinner my 18 yo decides she wants to go out..I advise, you don't need to drive your car, it needs a new thermostat, you're gonna blow the motor. Oh no mom such and such said it wasn't that it's fine....1 hour i am broke down and the police are making me tow the car, I need you to bring me money for the tow. Grrrrrrrr!! Now mind you my van was already acting up but was going to work on getting it fixed when I got my taxes back. But now I have to get my van fixed sooner b/c she can't drive my van while I am in the hospital with it messed up like it is and then on top of recovering from surgery, I have to figure out what to do with her car. So I did what any normal self sabotager, food addict would do, I came home and ate some no no food. And Sat. morning I woke up with the sniffles (wonder if that hand anything to do with standing in the 20 degree weather with a BROKE DOWN CAR) I thought nooo I can't get a cold..I am having surgery next week! Tow guy wanted 200.00 to tow it to our home 35 miles away and 85.00 to tow it to my sister in law's 6 miles away so split second decision..tow it 6 miles and I'll pay the 85.00. There's #1...So Sat morning I head over to my brother's because he used to be a mechanic but hasn't done it professionally because of his back but was nice enough to try to help me because he knows I don't have the money to pay for labor. We go get parts for what we think is the problem, he works on my van all day. In the meantime, I rent a dolly from UHaul to get my daughter's car back to my parents place so we can figure out what to do with it..that was another 45.00. (PS for another 70.00 I could have saved myself the aggravation and had the guy tow it there to begin with) I drop my oldest off at work and go to pick the car one is home. I read the instructions but it appears to be greek to me LOL Luckily someone came home and was able to help me get the car on the dolly. I drive my mom's van back to her house, pick up my van and youngest daughter as well as my brother's dog b/c my youngest was crying that it was going to freeze to death and how could I be so cruel...Deep Breath. Take her home, discover his dog and my dog don't get along so my dog rides with me to pick my oldest up from work at 9pm. Could I use a cigarette right about now? I prevailed although I could have smoken a pack in about 30 minutes! Here comes #2 (unless you see a number 2 that I missed, maybe the milkshake and the dog or the theater incident is number 2?? I'll get to that in a minute).....on the way home, my brother calls (he has his kids this weekend) Sis, I need you to come over, I am coughing up blood and mom is taking me to the emergency room and I need someone to sit with the kids AND someone to pick Gabby up from the movies at 11:30. I thought Lord, I have done given the man pneumonia from being in the cold all day. I knew he didn't feel good b/c he told me that morning but he insisted he was fine enough to work on the van. Besides my brother is a bit of an exaggerator so we never really know when to take him seriously, you know the boy who cried wolf...that's him. So I get home to drop off my dog and pick up his dog, since I am going over there anyway and as we are trying to dog gets loose and his dog won't get in the van and my daughter spills milkshake all over her. Drama queen she is, she starts crying (she does that when she gets really flustered and things aren't going smoothly). Get the dogs where they need to be and we are on our way. When we go to pick Gabby up from the movies there are like 50 police cars..come to find out there was a shooting, someone got tazered, there was a fight. Just added to my craziness. I get in touch with my sister in law and she decides to come get the brother gets home and she arrives at the same time. By the way, he had an upper respiratory infection and the doctor gave him antibiotics. I swear I am not lieing! This all really happened. LOL So where's the other shoe, my three? Did I miss it? Or is it yet to come....

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moteky said...

Dear Teresa,
I wish you the best of luck. You'll be okay. I found your blog when researching appealing my denial BCBSIL for the procedure. My situation is different from yours--I was a very successful LapBandster--lost 170 lbs, but after 3-1/2-4 years developed problems which ultimately caused the band to have to be opened for a long time and rapid and tremendous weight gain--I am the 2% that get this problem. I am fighting and will win!!! You did-- It'll be fine--and the day you wake up without the weight of the world on your head will be a wonderful one! All the best--you've already helped me and I hope that I helped you.